Teaching & Supervision

I coordinated the Computational Linguistics paper (Li18) for the Linguistics Tripos in 2016/7 and 2017/8. This involved organisation of the paper, lecturing, and supervision.

I’ve previously supervised Li3 [Language, Brain and Society], Li4 [History and Varieties of English], Li11 [Historical Linguistics], Li13 [History of English], and Li15 [Language Acquisition].

I’ve also given research methods seminars to the MPhils on bibliography management and the use of corpora, and to the PhDs on reproducible research, data management, presenting data and writing abstracts.

I’ve supervised several Part IIB and MPhil dissertations, and welcome discussion of new projects.



At the end of their penultimate year of study, undergraduates may apply for a UROP (undergraduate research opportunities programme) placement over the summer vacation. In 2016 we had 6 UROP students who undertook various projects relating to computer-assisted language learning, crowdsourcing corpus annotations, sentiment analysis, text normalisation and child language research. In 2017 we had 7 interns working on native language identification, virtual reality learning, dialogue systems, grammatical error correction, tagging multiword expressions, and sentiment analysis. In 2018 we had 9 interns working on pronunciation assessment, learner behaviours, dialogue systems, web-app development, and text classification.

If you’re a Cambridge student and interested in a UROP placement, please get in touch (apc38).