We are collecting short recordings of English and German speakers. Can you help?

You need to have an Android phone or tablet, then search for ‘Crowdee’ in the Google Play app store and download it (it’s free). Look for the ‘speaking tasks’ (3 versions: 2 English + 1 English/German), find a quiet environment to record, and go! Each one takes ~10mins and you receive €2.50 (Eng) or €3.50 (Eng/Ger). Please note that €5 is the minimum payout from Crowdee, so you’ll have to do at least one task before you will be paid. (And there are plenty more Crowdee jobs for you to do, for more money)

Any questions, please get in touch. Thanks in advance!

Click here to download Crowdee from Google Play



Public events

We ran an event at the Cambridge Science Festival 2014: ‘Total Immersion: meet a foreign language in the lab!’

Click here for further info

We plan to re-run the event in 2015: please get in touch if you’d like to be kept updated…

* Illustration by Melvyn Evans, taken from Myths in 30 Seconds, published by Ivy Press




Etymology Maps

As featured by the Guardian Datablog in 2013, there’s an interesting series of word stories on the ‘etymology maps’ subreddit. I’ve contributed a map on the origins of the word ‘elephant’ in European languages. The map is hosted on Imgur, the code is on GitHub, along with some invaluable research notes provided by Prof. Václav Blažek.

Feedback / requests for new maps welcome! Contact me


CambR: Cambridge R user group

I gave a talk on 27th October on non-LaTeX:Beamer presentation tools. This involved mini-demos of remark.js (markdown), reveal.js (Rmarkdown) and Shiny (R). All materials may be found in my ‘nonbeamer’ GitHub repo. The Shiny demo is also running on shinyapps.io.

Sign up to the CambR Meetup Group to be kept informed about their activities.


Reproducible research

I support the call for open science, and have given talks on reproducible research methods to the SSRMC and DTAL PhD training programmes, and at a CRUK workshop on reproducible research: see my presentations list for further info.